buy sour og online. But, however, there

4 grams per can

  • THC 25.23%
  • CBD 0.19%
  • Sour OG grows well indoors and outdoors with an average flowering time of 8 weeks. And More-so,  Indoors, simple hydroponics work well and the plant grows to medium height. Finally, the plant’s colas have excellent structure and medium yield.
  • Recreational users think of Sour OG differently. They say it is fast-acting and incites dreamlike mind-blowing effects. They say the strain works well in the head, offering a happy and talkative vibe or a euphoric high. Beginners might want to choose another strain. Sour OG’s super dank smell indicates a potent medicine best served to intermediate or advanced cannabis users who can handle its sedative and euphoric effects.


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